Dog Walking


With more than 15 years in business, Happy Tails & Trails excels at providing dogs and dog owners with top quality services, and one of our most popular is dog walking in Chicago, IL. If you’re on vacation or can’t get home from work during the day, we offer services that help your dog get some energy out. Here’s a closer look:

  • Good exercise: Taking a dog for a 20- to 30-minute walk is a great way to give them some much-needed exercise and time to interact with the world outside their home. Our dog walkers ensure each pet receives a sufficient amount of time out on their walk, and our emphasis is on maintaining safety and making sure your dog has a good time.
  • Individual attention: You’ve probably seen dog walkers out and about with two, three, four or even five (or more) dogs scampering down the street. While this may be entertaining for bystanders, it doesn’t provide the one-on-one attention dogs need while their owners are away. Happy Tails & Trails offers individual dog walking in Chicago, IL to give your pet the attention it deserves.
  • Accident cleanup: Whether you’ve hired Happy Tails & Trails for pet sitting in Chicago, IL or for occasional dog walking services, any time we arrive at your home and find your dog has had an accident, we’ll clean it up. We use safe products and clean up messes thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Dogs and more: While our walking services are certainly most popular amongst our dog-owning customers, we at Happy Tails & Trails don’t limit this essential source of exercise and stimulation to dogs. We’ve been known to walk cats and even pigs whose owners have made it part of their pets’ routine! Ask us for more information about this unique service.

Happy Tails & Trails looks forward to taking your dog on a nice, long walk! To learn more about our services or sign up, please call us at 312-388-9077 and speak with a member of our team.