Cat Care


As a cat sitter in Chicago, IL, Happy Tails & Trails is known for providing top-notch dog care services. But did you know that we also offer cat sitting services for our customers’ feline friends? Here’s a look at what we can do for your cats:


  • Meaningful attention: While cats are known for being pretty self-sufficient, they’ll still miss you while you’re gone. This is why Happy Tails & Trails offers in-home cat sitting in Chicago, IL. We’ll come to your home and spend 20 to 30 minutes with your cat, making sure it’s safe and happy.
  • Litter boxes: No one wants to come home to a full, smelly litter box—or the consequences of their cat having decided the litter box is too full. Emptying litter boxes is among our cat sitting services, and we’ll make sure your cat has an appealing place to do its business.
  • Food and water: It’s easy enough to leave a cat with a big, full bowl of dry food and a large bowl of water and assume they’ll be fine for a couple days. But why take any chances? Let us feed your cats and provide fresh water. This is also very helpful if your cat has dietary restrictions and needs specific food in specific quantities.
  • Play time: Rare is the cat that doesn’t enjoy a little play time with a human entertainer. Happy Tails & Trails makes sure that play time is part of every visit. If your cat isn’t feeling especially playful and just wants to cuddle for a while, that’s okay, too—we’re always happy to oblige.
  • Mail retrieval: If you’ve hired us as a cat sitter in Chicago, IL for a vacation or other longer absence, we’re happy to leave your mail in a designated spot and bring packages inside.

Whether you need long-term cat sitting in Chicago, IL or just someone to check on your cats during the workday, we hope you’ll get in touch with Happy Tails & Trails. Call 312-388-9077 to learn more about our services!